Shine your light

View from the balcony of the Cafe I own. It's called Wake & Bake. I used to do that. Now it's more like Wake & Meditate.
View from a Himalayan Hill Town

The understanding of all of existence comes in deep silence. The silencing of the mind opens golden gateways to the infinite energy spectrum. One is no longer limited by the senses and the mind. Ones clarity is no longer clouded by thought. One awakens with a fresh perspective of reality. The body is not a carrier of the soul. It is the soul that nurtures and guides the body during its time on the physical plane here on mother earth. One must feed the soul with love and positivity. When one feeds the soul all of creation is being fed. The power of the universe lies within us all. We must steer it through times of darkness and light, accepting everything and becoming beacons of love and light. Propagating this love into the deepest realms of space. The beauty of it all is that you will see it all come back to you. Then again, just let it flow through you ans send it right back to creation. Let your soul shine through you. Let everyone stare right into your eyes and witness all of creation, all that is divine. Let them for a moment lose their sense of time and be present. For a burning log can set the entire jungle on fire if it burns in the right place. Be that log. Illuminate your soul, be that fire.

3 thoughts on “Shine your light

  1. How true the thoughts are. More than often we look for strength from the outside world and not within ourselves. Since childhood, we are trained to seek courage from an outside source of energy, only to forget that its we who have been empowered by the universe as a source of energy. We merely need to realize that truth and start working on manifesting it in our daily life, every day, every second in our thoughts, word and action. Instead of turning deaf to the inner voice, we need to shut off the exterior noise and listen to our true calling and awaken to our soul’s existence.


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