Clarity for manifesting bright futures

Mountain Biking at Chandertal Lake, Spiti , Himachal Pradesh, India
Mountain Biking at Chandertal Lake, Spiti , Himachal Pradesh, India

The times of suffering and conflict are the most testing times of ones ascension to a higher frequency of existence. In the essence of the perfection of the universe, each reality that we experience is only manifesting as an experience to aid spiritual ascension.

It is only up to our consciousness to recognize the patterns, follow ones instincts on the basis of the pattern identification, visualize a future that can break the cycle of the pattern. Clarity is of the essence for this process. The denser the frequency of the situation, the clearer the vision of the solution required to flow through it.

Ones mental and emotional state of being during difficult times needs to be stable for this clarity to occur. Great importance is given to detach with thought and emotion. The mind must only be used as a tool for recognizing the patterns in the current cycle of experience and for the clear visualization of the future that needs to be constructed.

Emotions must only be used to drive oneself towards what we envision to create in the future. These are at times dubbed as the secret to success. Our definition of success must go beyond ones own realm of existence. Ideally towards the betterment of all of existence. The universe would then instantly resonate with your plan and give it a great thrust in the direction of its fulfillment.

We are well connected to the past through the intricate web of life . This means we have to face the effects of all the causes (positive or negative) that we have created. As long as what we are experiencing is met with the same ability of pattern recognition and clarity, the path to ascension will definitely have fewer cycles. When we do not recognize the patterns the universe must keep on repeating the lesson till it is learnt. Only upon recognition and then clear action can we take the next step towards perfection. Instead of following the egoistically created reactions to situations, we can apply clear and decisive action.

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