Following the Light, Singing the Song

Sunset from the balcony of Wake & Bake Cafe, Shimla, India
Himalayan Sunset

Subtle shades of lightening,

so soft and tender.

Yet fear is what accompanies,

that sound of thunder.

Time erodes all,

death is never too far

Neither is realisation.

For what is real,

even the colliders don’t fathom,

Dimensions ever-changing,

Quanti, strings and ether brewing.

The castles of light,

the drops of sand,

all shone brightly,

through the lens of presence.

So perfect everything,

just as it must be.

Oceans of pink,

horizons of grey,

must see them for what they are,

come as they may.

To the beauty of the truth,

we are bound to surrender,

no matter how blind.

True eyes have no filter,

no past, no future,

a reality a moment,

infinite necklace of pearls.

This dawn is upon us,

in vessels of energy,

transcendence inevitable,

ascendance natural.

Be curious be strong,

until your inner light comes along.

Then it’s just a journey,

follow the light,

Sing the song.

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