Cultural and Spiritual Growth

This isn't the entire translation of the verse but i'm just beginning with simpler contexts. Vedic scriptural information will be discussed in greater details in the later sections of this blog.
This isn’t the entire translation of the verse but i’m just beginning with simpler contexts. Vedic scriptural information will be discussed in greater details in the later sections of this blog.

For a community to thrive spiritually, it must first thrive culturally. To thrive culturally would mean to go back to ones deep cultural roots. Creativity lies deep rooted in nearly all great cultures known to us. Giving importance to music, art, dance, philosophical thought and other forms of being, which take ones mind away from the general regurgitation of thought and action, that presently goes around in a lot of communities. The current communal condition arises from media induced propaganda which is almost always either fear inducing or politically leaning. This gives the conditioned individual  the illusion of participation, whist keeping the mind numb to the more blissful possibilities of existence.

They say all change begins from within. It would take creatively inclined individuals to propagate the arts.  On a practical level, parents would consciously allot time slots for their children to learn and perform creative activities. At community levels these activities would need to bear fruit with creative collaborations bringing about not only a healthy and interactive community, but a community benefiting on all practical sustainable levels. An activity can only be sustained in the world today if it’s benefits expand beyond the effort required to sustain it. Creativity is the only way this can happen as nothing that is repetitive and mundane can actually sustain itself on any level.

Another important factor for this cultural growth would be the teacher. Inspiring and skilled teachers can transform the lives of entire communities. Teachers also need spaces where they can water and feed the blossoming mind. Conducive natural settings can further engender connections with the spirit, aiding in creative growth.

These situations could send entire communities and nations into periods of golden ages. Not only in the arts, but in science and technology as well. Planting the seed of creativity would be like igniting the inner light, through which all flowers can blossom regardless of what season it may be. Creativity is the essence of all innovation, even that which is mathematical and scientific. It is always the idea that drives technology forward, not the process.

Our current education system is breeding process oriented monkeys, which was exactly what was required while the industrial revolution. We need to evolve to innovative and creatively leaning communities which can thrive in the boost of their own energy flow. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that all great periods of innovation were driven by great periods of creativity.

It is just for the individual to transform as such, to begin to make a conscious journey into the creative and whole brained realm. Creativity is highly contagious and would just flow through like a hay stack on fire. The age of ideas is upon us, we just have to let go of our branches and flow where the river flows.

4 thoughts on “Cultural and Spiritual Growth

  1. i have watched this ted talk multiple times and i believe it one of the most important videos on the internet. great post and inspiring words, my friend. Namaste


    1. Namaste dear friend. This is definitely up there on the list of important and inspirational videos on the internet. You express yourself beautifully in your poems as well. I pray that you’ll be able to live a life full of creativity.

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  2. Such clear thoughts on what our trained mind is running after and what exactly our mind should look towards. The day we let go off the robotic disposition and open up to the humane element of our being, that day we will not only grow up as an individual, but also help everyone around us see the world with a completely new and a better vision.

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