Being Able to Harness Creativity


In the previous blog, creativity as a key to cultural and spiritual evolution was spoken about. The conditioning to judge was one of the reasons that de-evolution of human consciousness took place. Not only to judge others but to judge oneself. Having a creative attitude is completely opposite to logical judgement.

It is important to express ones individuality. This individuality does not stem from the illusory perception that one is separate from others, rather it stems from the fact that one is the universe expressing itself through a mind and body situated in a unique space and time. An act of creativity is only made unique due to it’s unique space and time. From a broader perspective, all thought and doing is recycled so cannot be absolutely unique.

Expression through action or inaction, communication and expression through the act of creation are the basic forms of expressions. It is most necessary for any of these forms to be unfiltered, i.e it must not rely on the judgement of others. The product of unfiltered expression will always have a sort of individuality.

We are here in these bodies to express ourselves. In the most original way possible.This originality requires the mind to be unbiased and detached from judging our form of expression to be right or wrong.

It would take one to lead the way as this would encourage others to break off from the conditioned mold of judging oneself and others. Appreciation for varied forms of expression can create a fast growing community of varied ideas which can greatly enhance evolution both at a personal and community level. Encouraging this path by walking on it is a great way to begin the process of self realisation.

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