The Present Condition

Seven Years in Tibet

The Tibetans call the human body lü. The literal translation of the term is ‘ that which is left behind’. Possessing this understanding, people in the Tibetan culture do not give much significance to their physical selves and are content with living in difficult environments. They understand that our lives here on earth are a part of our soul journey and we are only taking temporary refuge in these bodies. So in Tibet people did not distract themselves by spending all their time trying to make their external circumstances more comfortable. They were satisfied if they had enough to eat, clothes on their backs, and a roof over their heads.

This gives us perspective of how fortunate we are, to possess these vessels that we call bodies as temporary homes for our subtle bodies we call spirit. Our time here on earth must then be spent giving importance to the journey of the soul, rather than the journey of the ego. Material possessions and attachments have just thrived because the human collective has been forced into that direction. For the benefit of a few, many of us have to spend our time and energy in the journey of the false “I-self” rather than the true “cosmic or transcendental self”.

This has taken place due to the mass conditioning of society. All information that becomes public was always propaganda based. Someone was always to benefit from the fickle and trusting nature of mankind. Systems of education were created to enhance obedience and increase control. All this was at the expense of millions of souls who are just born into situations where it is important to put all of ones energy and thoughts on mere survival of the physical body. The systems of power have thrived for generations. The individual has long forgotten the true identity of the self.

The intelligence of the universe is embedded in all of nature. Just as we see nature adapting to the roadblocks to its evolution the human collective has been adapting as well. The universe always had an ever present source of untainted knowledge, the human collective now has a physical manifestation of such a network in the form of the internet. The common man can finally be privy to the secrets of the elite and elite societies, though this would again depend on ones intelligence to filter the vast amounts of information available today. Nature has finally put the power back into the hands of the masses. Every being has within their grasp an entire ocean of knowledge which just a few years ago would have been impossible.

The revolution to end the suffering of life on this planet must begin within. It is important to understand that every soul has it’s own journey and that must be respected. The only way to show others the path is by simply walking on it yourself. An awakened soul will resonate with the universal principle of love. An awakened path is the path of unconditional love. This path is lit with eternal light, with which comes a subtle joy that never leaves.

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